Sharing, and Protecting, Information

Here at Beautycounter, we feel as though one of our primary responsibilities is to protect our consumers.  As you know, we do this every day by creating high-performing products utilizing industry-leading safety standards, while advocating for enhanced legislation to protect all consumers, not just Beautycounter’s.   And we protect through education, sharing information so that others can make the most informed choices for themselves.  There are also moments when we protect by not sharing information, as in the case of your personal information.  It is our duty to safeguard your information and prevent its unwanted use or access.  We do this by engaging in continuous efforts to enhance data security practices.

With those commitments in mind, we wanted to update you on a specific incident that was recently brought to our attention.  Recently, an anonymous individual contacted our company claiming to have stolen personal information from our online environment.  The individual demanded money to ensure that the stolen data was deleted.

Beautycounter immediately began a cyberforensic investigation of the individual’s claims and determined the extent of the unauthorized intrusion so it could be immediately contained and addressed.  Beautycounter also began to work with law enforcement to investigate the anonymous individual and prevent further criminal activity.

Our investigation continues, in close coordination with law enforcement, but we do have some information to share from the investigation to-date:  current findings indicate that the incident does not involve information sufficient to commit a fraudulent transaction or otherwise wrongfully access online accounts.  When Beautycounter became aware of the potential issue, we immediately acted to follow up on the claims and initiate containment protocols.  We found no indication that anything was exposed regarding our Consultants, Clients, and Associates other than certain names, email addresses, the last four digits of credit card numbers, and/or card expiration date information (this partial information does not permit an individual to access or use the corresponding account). 

It is important to note that Beautycounter does not store full credit card numbers on its systems.  Like many other companies conducting ecommerce business, we receive reports of potentially fraudulent charges at various times, often which occur using information that does not originate from Beautycounter.  However, based on information from our investigation to date, there is no indication that any instances of fraudulent charges or activity could be related to this isolated incident.

The safety of Beautycounter’s community is of the utmost importance to us, in all aspects of our business.  We foster trust through transparency, and reinforce our commitment to providing you with information, while protecting yours.   If you become aware of any indication that your account or identity may have been compromised, please let us know immediately at  As always, we also encourage our community members to engage in good general digital “hygiene” as well, including regularly updating passwords, voiding using the same password for all of your accounts, etc.  Thank you for all that you do to support the safety of our community.