Sharing Our Story with Women in Film

Stories are a powerful way of communicating—and part of the reason why Gregg Renfrew created Beautycounter. She wanted the story about harmful ingredients in our everyday personal care products to be told, person to person. Last week, she shared Beautycounter’s story again at an event hosted by Lesley Chilcott, Leslie Sanchez, and Women in Film, a professional organization that brings together top women in the film and entertainment industry. Gregg revealed some of the key facts that keep us working for better beauty, like how more than 80,000 chemicals have been approved for use in the United States but nearly 80% have never been tested for safety on human health.


Gregg said it perfectly:

“So let me be clear. I am not here to talk with you about a cosmetics issue. This is a women’s health issue. It is a family health issue. It is our issue. And it’s one we can do something about.”