Gregg’s Healthy Obsession: Simply Gum

Our founder truly walks the walk when it comes to healthy living, so when she makes a better-for-you discovery, we pay close attention. Her favorite new find? A cool, under-the-radar gum.


Gum is one of the healthy-food industry’s final frontiers—few companies appear to be exploring this territory. In turn, most of us have likely popped gum into our mouths unquestionably or in frank denial, ignoring the ingredients list (which often includes aspartame and BHT) and our gut instinct that it couldn’t possibly be good for us. (One of our Beautycounter colleagues, who will remain anonymous, is even conducting an experiment with the stuff by letting a sculptural sphere of conventional gum sit on her car’s dashboard because she’s just plain curious whether it will change form in any way. We kid you not.)

Why chew gum at all, you may ask? Well, because it’s fun, relaxing, freshens your breath, and conjures up fond memories of schoolyard bubble-blowing contests. Some studies even show that it may help you concentrate.


So gum’s got a lot going for it. And Simply really provides a guilt-free option. Handcrafted in the U.S. and made of only six natural ingredients, Simply Gum is designed to be as pure as it gets. Plus sophisticated, unexpected flavors, such as coffee and fennel licorice, and super-chic packaging really elevate the experience. Sounds like it’s finally the right time to ignore what your mom said about chewing gum in public. (Just please don’t tell Gregg’s mother.)

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