Are You Doing This Right? 5 Clean Beauty Tips and Tricks

Are You Doing This Right? 5 Clean Beauty Tips and Tricks

“Am I doing this right?” This is a question we’ve all considered, probably mid-application of our skin-care or makeup routines. So, we reached out to the experts—our Chief Artistic Officer, Christy Coleman, and our Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew’s personal dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Marmur—for tips and tricks on how to make the most of your clean beauty products:  

1. “How do I apply mascara like a pro?”  

Mascara doesn’t have to be messy. Follow Coleman’s mascara tips to swipe without the stress:  

  • Only curl your lashes BEFORE applying mascara. Doing so afterwards can damage your lashes. 
  • Apply from root to tip—keeping the density of the formula at the root of the upper lash gives the appearance of wearing eyeliner.  
  • Let your first layer dry before adding a second or third for more length—this helps with the layering. Coffee break, anyone? 
  • Struggling with your lower lashes? Use the tip of the wand vertically to “shimmy” down to the tip of the lash (Think Big All-In-One Mascara has a flexible, tapered wand that works wonders). 

You’ll get your lashes on lock in no time. 

2. “Can I reapply SPF if I’m already wearing makeup?” 

SPF reapplication is key every two to four hours, depending on the sunscreen (double check the Product Facts for full use instructions). But what if you’re already wearing a full face of makeup? You don’t have to sacrifice your makeup masterpiece for sun safety. This is Coleman’s advice to stay protected all day from UV rays, without ruining your look:  

“Squeeze a dime-sized amount of sunscreen into the palm of your hand and blend well to  achieve a thin consistency. Gently press into the skin—do not rub so as not to disrupt your  makeup.” 

Better yet, reapply a tinted moisturizer with built-in sun protection—like Dew Skin, which offers both lightweight coverage and SPF 20.  

3. “Fingers, brush, or sponge?”  

Decisions, decisions, decisions. When it comes to choosing makeup tools, Coleman says it all depends on the product and your desired coverage:  

  • Going for a natural look? Our Retractable Foundation Brush is a quick, easy, and foolproof tool for a “second skin” effect.  
  • Going glam? Makeup sponges, like The Better Blender, allow for a more precise, mess-free application with varied levels of coverage.  
  • On the go? Your fingers are your best friends. Use your fingertips to gently conceal blemishes, achieve a sheer finish with tinted moisturizers like Dew Skin, or effortlessly apply makeup products like Lid Glow Cream Shadow

4. “What’s the deal with facial oils?”  

There’s no question that facial oils are a skin-care essential. But let’s avoid any skin-care mistakes by addressing the questions we DO have: how do you use them, and where do they even fall into your routine?  

  • Facial oils should be used after your moisturizer to seal it in, or you can mix a few drops into your moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration.  
  • Not sure which facial oil is right for you? Narrow it down to our three hydrating formulas, whether you want to focus on brighteningplumping, or balancing your complexion. 
  • And now for a PSA from Dr. Marmur’s LIVE @ Abbot Kinney session: Don’t forget to apply the oils on your neck, too—and pro skin-care tip: Use the leftovers from the palm of your hand to show your cuticles some TLC.  

5. “How do I find a shade that actually matches?” 

Know that feeling of satisfaction when you discover your exact foundation or concealer shade? We can help you find your Skin Twin. Check out our handy guide, and keep these tips and tricks in mind:  

  • Apply a small amount of foundation or concealer along your jawline, blend, and let the formula dry before evaluating the shade match. It should disappear into your skin. 
  • Looking to conceal blemishes? Choose a shade that is closest to your natural skin tone. 
  • Going for a brighter, wide-awake look? Try a shade one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. 

There you have it! No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best—now you’re ready to start building your best skin-care and makeup habits. Here’s to using safer products with clean confidence.