5 Clean Beauty Myths, Debunked

5 Clean Beauty Myths, Debunked

There’s a lot of chatter when it comes to the realm of clean beauty. What’s fact and what’s fiction? Which ingredients are harmful? What does “clean” really mean? As advocates for a safer future with a very clear definition of “clean,” we’re ready to help with the myth busting while raising the bar on #betterbeauty. Having next-level transparency means leaving no room for misinterpretation. Without further ado, it’s time to get to the facts—and debunk some clean beauty fiction along the way:  

Beauty Myth #1: Clean beauty products aren’t as effective. 

We’ve proven that product performance and safety can go hand in hand, and the beauty industry seems to agree: Our best-in-class products have been awarded with Allure’s Best of Beauty Award, Refinery29’s Editor’s Pick, the Women’s Health Healthy Skin Award, and Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Award, just to name a few. 

For us, it all starts with safety. We go beyond our Never List™ (1,800+ questionable ingredients we never use in our formulations) to screen and assess every ingredient we use alongside our Blueprint for Clean™ (12 safety standards that our formula and manufacturing partners must adhere to). Long story short: Our innovative formulas deliver proven results—safely. 

Beauty Myth #2: Clean beauty products don’t use preservatives.  

This is a tricky one, but preservatives are needed in any cosmetic product that contains water or aloe for safety and performance. In fact, the FDA doesn’t allow the sale of products without preservatives. It doesn’t mean they aren’t as clean—preservatives actually prevent the growth of potentially harmful microbial growth (i.e., bacteria, yeast, or fungus).  

We screen every preservative for safety, testing several types (none of which are on our Never List™) and choosing options that are effective in very small concentrations. Our in-house chemists are on a continuous quest to find innovative preservation alternatives and develop groundbreaking, self-preserving formulas. Case in point: Counter+ All Bright C Serum’s unique 10% vitamin C blend. 

Beauty Myth #3: It’s hard to find beauty products that are truly cruelty-free.  

The bad news? There’s no government regulation in the U.S. or Canada for the term “cruelty-free.” The good news? You can easily find companies listed as “Leaping Bunny Certified” that help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy. 

We’re proud to be certified by Leaping Bunny, a program operated by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics under the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. This partnership represents our commitment to not test ingredients or products on animals, and we require that all our contract manufacturers commit to the same high standard—because beauty should not mean pain. 

Beauty Myth #4: Sustainable beauty takes too much effort.  

Doing your part is easier than you think! We set high standards with our packaging to help make sustainable living easier for you. Try these three simple steps for a clean conscience with your #betterbeauty routine:  

  • Refill and repeat: Instead of sending products straight to a landfill after use, why not re-use them over and over? The Clean Deo is one of our best-selling refillable products—when you run out, simply pop a refill in its chic case.  
  • Swap materials: We’re transitioning to more sustainable materials, like glass (i.e., our entire Countertime line) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic/resin (i.e., Melting Body Balm). Do your part by shopping these clean faves—and don’t forget to recycle them after.  
  • Rethink recycling: Ever stand over your trash can or recycling bin, holding a used product and thinking, “What do I do with this?” Been there, done that—that’s why we partner with How2Recycle® to take the guesswork out of recycling. Just glimpse at the labels or online product pages to find clear instructions on how to recycle or dispose of your empty packaging. 

By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recycled, recyclable, refillable, reused, or compostable—you can hold us to that. Follow along and learn about our upcoming sustainable packaging initiatives

Beauty Myth #5: A clean mascara sacrifices on other things—like volume.  

Big false. Our Think Big All-In-One Mascara is built on the principles of lift, length, and volume, with a clean formula to boot. Another beauty myth is that a bigger wand means bigger lashes—and we debunk that one, too. Its soft, molded, and flexible brush is designed to dispense the perfect amount of mascara and effortlessly define each lash from root to tip. 

We’re talking lash-care conditioners that support stronger, longer, and healthier-looking lashes—and true black pigment that gives dramatically rich black color without the use of carbon black or PFAS chemicals, which we exclude due to potential health concerns. Choosing safer, effective ingredients is how we turn up the volume in our #betterbeauty routine. 

We’re always game for a beauty-myth-busting session. After all, formulate, advocate, and educate is our motto for creating clean products that look, feel, and do good. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: getting safer (and yes, effective) products into the hands of everyone. 

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