Thank You for Your Dedication to Breast Cancer Prevention

This month, Beautycounter staff and Consultants headed to Mount Tamalpais outside San Francisco to participate in the 20th annual Peak Hike for Prevention, hosted by Breast Cancer Fund.

We support Breast Cancer Fund’s work for many reasons. Overall, it’s one of the few organizations working to prevent unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer. The organization also runs the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and advocates for stronger laws to protect the public from harmful ingredients and chemicals in consumer products.

We are grateful not only to the Beautycounter team that participated in the Mount Tamalpais hike but also to our incredibly generous greater community of Clients, Members, and Consultants, who raised an impressive $15,000 locally and online for Breast Cancer Fund in a few short weeks. Our company will match those donations, resulting in a $30,000 collective gift to the Breast Cancer Fund.

While we recognize this is simply one contribution among many in the continuous fight against breast cancer, we wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to our community—and all who help support the important, often-overlooked work to prevent breast cancer before it starts.