The 10 Things That Made My Week Great

This past week, I hit the road to meet the Consultants who tirelessly work with us (thank you, Colorado). During my down time on plane rides and in hotel rooms, I read some eye-opening books – books about balance, parenting, and the world we live in today – that have re-invigorated me to be a better leader, mother, and world citizen. Mixed within the continuous self-improvement, are the little things that let me relish life, like having an al fresco dinner in the backyard and celebrating our Glow Sugar Scrub‘s long-awaited reappearance. Here, the 10 things that made my week great.



Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Bridgid Schulte

Chia seeds

Betsy Brown Braun books and advice

Eating dinner outside

California weather

Lake Champlain Chocolate

Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis by Sandra Steingraber

Welcome Back to our Glow Sugar Scrub

Coldplay’s new song “Magic”

Clean Well Hand Sanitizer for traveling