The 7 Most Wearable New Beauty Trends

The Spring 2015 runway shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris wrapped up this past month, following four weeks of the usual spectacular theatrics and inspiring looks. But which trends actually work for real life, as opposed to this fantasy world? Here, we’ve selected our favorite, most wearable runway looks; unlike the clothes themselves, there’s no need to wait until next spring to test-drive these new trends.

The Natural Face

Perhaps the biggest beauty news of the season was the absence of (obvious) makeup in a typically over-the-top realm. Natural faces with flawless skin as the focus were radiant on the runways.


The Violet Eye

A universally flattering shade, violet is a welcome change from the reddish tones of last season, which are much harder to wear. We’re happy to report that we were ahead of the curve on this trend, as it’s one of our biggest new Color Cosmetics shades right now.

The Strong Brow

Strong brows don’t have to look unkempt—they can be groomed without being over-plucked. Thin brows are actually quite aging, while a fuller shape is the more youthful way to frame a face.

The Cat Eye

A classic eye that’s easy to wear, this look lifts the eye and, in turn, the entire face. Remember to balance a cat eye with a subtle neutral lip so your makeup doesn’t read as too retro.


The Red Lip

Another timeless trend that we’re thrilled to see back in such a big way, the perfect red lip instantly adds polish to any look.

The Flushed Cheek

Natural-looking and never too “done,” the flushed cheek is about a broader canvas of color on the face, versus blush that’s just concentrated on the apple of the cheek. Don’t worry, this isn’t your mother’s ’80s look—the rest of the face should have very minimal makeup to keep this trend looking modern.


The Contoured Face

Another potential flashback to the ’80s, this updated reincarnation of contouring requires a lighter touch. The makeup that shapes your features should be virtually invisible, blending in well to simply create the illusion of a slimmer face, prominent cheekbones, or a defined jawline.