The 8 Things That Made Gregg Renfrew’s Week Great

It’s been a whirlwind end to spring: We have recently hit some exciting milestones here at Beautycounter, and I am beginning to see the payoff of three years of behind-the-scenes hard work. I’m also starting to see real change in the way that people think about food, health, and sustainability. This collective shift is inspiring. This weekend I will be with family relishing in the little things that make me appreciate just how lucky we are to be a part of this movement. Here, the 8 things I’m loving this week.


My Club Monaco romper

Rob Lowe’s book Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Public Market in Santa Barbara

Toxin Toxout

Core Fusion with Fred Devito

Watching Little House on the Prairie with my kids

Date night with Mark in NYC

Hampton beaches and old friends