The Better-Than-All-Natural Lipstick You Need to Know About

What’s lightweight, moisturizing, and sheer all over? Our five-star Sheer Lipsticks, which are packed with hydrating lip-conditioners and perfectly balanced pigment. Every shade we offer is carefully formulated with a blend of mineral-based and synthetic pigments to ensure a safer swipe of sheer color. In the world of color cosmetics, all-natural lipstick is not always synonymous with non-toxic, and loopholes in federal law have resulted in misleading labels. With all of our formulas, we always strive for transparency and never settle for anything but the best in safety and performance. Here are four things you need to know about our Sheer Lipstick color lineup:

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1. A Blend is Better

Even though they are naturally occurring elements, heavy metals like lead and mercury can be harmful to your health. Colors made from minerals alone can have unpredictable levels of heavy metals because it’s harder to control contamination in mined ingredients. We choose a mix of mineral and synthetic colorants that have been rigorously screened and meet our safety standards, so that we can more accurately predict both performance and traces of heavy metals. It’s impossible to avoid heavy metals altogether, but we third-party test every single batch to validate our results and voluntarily set our allowable trace levels at or below the most health-protective standards in the world.

2. The Vanilla Scent Is So Addictive

According to urban legend, women eat seven pounds of lipstick in their life time just from wearing it. Might as well make it taste good, right? We scent our Sheer Lipsticks using only pure (and delicious) vanilla extract, which took over a year to source for a more robust scent instead of sugary-sweet. Because fragrance is considered a trade secret in the beauty industry, companies are not legally required to disclose what they use to make theirs, which means any given fragrance could contain dozens of harmful ingredients. We always fully disclose all fragrance ingredients.

3. Made to Moisturize

Each shade is loaded with a lip-conditioning blend of smoothing jojoba oil, hydrating carnauba wax, and shine-giving candelilla wax for a subtle, polished sheen. They glide on easily and leave a glossy finish without zapping essential moisture from your lips.

4. Every Color Works On Every Skin Tone

Christy Coleman, Head of Innovation and Artistry here at Beautycounter, has spent years mixing thousands of colors to find just the right shades that work for everyone. Our range of 10 Sheer Lipstick colors is made with perfectly balanced pigments that flatter all skin tones and undertones. So go ahead, pick a signature shade for every day of the week… You’ll rock all of them.

Like all Beautycounter products, what really sets our Sheer Lipsticks apart is our commitment to safety and performance. We go far beyond what’s legally required to make sure everything we put in these colors will give stunning results, without compromising your health.