“For our new Color Cosmetics Collection, we set out to create carefully curated, timeless shades for the ultimate makeup wardrobe,” says Christy Coleman, our Head of Creative Design. “We didn’t want to just churn out fifty ‘fashion’ shades that looked cool in compacts but weren’t wearable.” This translates to ultra-flattering, intuitive color that works for all skin tones—and real women’s lives, not just runway models’. We’ve really taken the guesswork out of both shade selection and application with this edited collection: six eye shadow duos, three blush duos, four eye pencils, three brow pencils, two bronzers, seven brushes, and countless new lip shades.

Go behind the scenes


Even though the products don’t require the skilled hand of a professional makeup artist, they definitely meet the standards of one. The quality was monitored down to the smallest detail, from skin-enhancing ingredients and color payoff to product safety and environmentally responsible packaging. In fact, the entire process took over three years—and two 6,000-mile trips—to perfect. Setting a new standard in beauty doesn’t exactly happen overnight.

Our biggest challenge was to create products that met Christy’s high standards as a professional makeup artist, while also maintaining our extremely strict safety requirements. In developing the Color Cosmetics Collection we not only restricted our usual list of over 1500 ingredients; we also created our own, industry-leading heavy metal contamination limits and testing protocols. Though we believe in supporting domestic manufacturing whenever possible, we ultimately didn’t find a lab in the U.S. who could meet our needs. Instead, we discovered our new manufacturing partner in a remote, picturesque part of Italy.




Inspired by many colors found in nature, the hand-mixed shade Collection also has unique, custom elements. The Eye and Blush Duos are all “tassello-pressed” diagonally adjacent to each other inside one pan. “Tassello” means “piece” or “part” in Italian; two separate parts, or shades, are pressed together into one seamless duo. This diagonal pressing allows for ergonomic application: Holding your brush, you don’t have to shift or bend your wrist to rub the brush across one side of the pan in a diagonal motion. In turn, our new brushes are tailored to the size and shape of our compacts, plus the bristle tips were custom crimped to pick up the ideal amount of powder. The two complementary shades in each compact are designed to be worn alone, layered, or—in the case of the Blushes—mixed together for a third shade option.

The compacts themselves are a reflection of our commitment 
to environmental responsibility. We didn’t want to work with traditional stock plastic compacts that are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or SAN (styrene acrylonitrile resin) because they don’t degrade in landfills and are made with hazardous additives that may leach into water and soil. Instead of using these plastics, we made our pallets out of paper, a safer alternative.

Color should feel carefree, after all—conjure those fond memories of trying on your mother’s lipstick for the first time, or watching her apply her “face” for a night out. And those feelings should never be tainted by insecurities about beauty or fear of toxic ingredients. “Makeup should be uncomplicated in every way,” says Christy. “And, above all, make you feel good about yourself.”