The Making Of: Lip Sheers

When Christy Coleman, Head of Creative Design, set about to develop the Beautycounter Lip Sheers, she had a very specific set of criteria in mind: She wanted ultra-flattering shades that would work with any skin tone; a conditioning, barely-there formula that would never feel heavy; the perfect sheerness, so that women could layer it on for deeper pigment or apply just the tiniest amount of color. With that end goal in mind, she spent 24 months refining the formula and the color.

5: The Number of Rounds Required To Perfect The Color

“I would start from a place of inspiration—a discontinued favorite from my makeup artist kit, or a custom color that I would always mix that worked on everyone—and then I would go back and forth with the labs, asking them to add a little more red, take out a little yellow, etc. Test, test, repeat!” (see image 1)

12: The Number of Months It Took to Find the Perfect Vanilla Planifolia Scent from Madagascar

“Many vanillas were too sweet—or worse, they were synthetic. I tried more than 15. I wanted a natural, understated, and sophisticated vanilla, and went to the ends of the earth to find it!”

Twig: Beautycounter’s Bestselling Shade

“There’s no surprise there—this pink-meets-beige color looks gorgeous on everyone.” (see image 2)

Currant: Christy’s Favorite Shade

“This gives an amazing depth to lips.”

Over 200: Number of Photo Shoots Christy Tested The Lip Sheers On

“Looking at a color in my workshop is one thing, but I don’t know if a color is perfect until I take it on set and try it on models during my other day job as a makeup artist.” (see image 3)