The Making of: Tint Skin

“I don’t want to mask anyone’s face with heavy foundation,” says Christy Coleman, our Head of Creative Design and fashion and celebrity makeup artist. “I love being able to see the skin.” Christy’s goal in developing Tint Skin was to create a safer, lightweight face makeup that would enhance a woman’s natural radiance in a totally unique formula.

Go behind the scenes to uncover

what sets our formula apart


“Tint Skin essentially had to be four products in one: foundation, sheer tint, moisturizer and anti-aging treatment,” says Christy. The formula itself also needed to be long-lasting, hydrating, not sink into pores or fine lines, deliver even coverage and, above all, seamlessly blend so it appears to become one with the skin.

It certainly was no easy feat—a journey that spanned three different lab partnerships over a period of almost three years. “The first lab just gave up,” says Christy. “The second one couldn’t develop what I wanted in the end even though they kept trying but, finally, the third thankfully nailed it.” Sodium Hydroxide (Hyaluronic Acid), which supports the skin’s water retention and reduces the signs of aging, became one of the product’s key ingredients.




Getting the shades right, in addition to the formula, also proved to be a huge challenge. “In the 25 years I’ve been a professional makeup artist I’ve never found a single brand that had the exact shades I wanted,” says Christy. “I would typically mix up to four different ones together to get the right hue.” She wanted the seven Tint Skin shades to be user-friendly—easily match anyone’s skin, plus have balanced yellow and red pigments so that they would work well on both warm and cool undertones. Interestingly enough, that tall order is the result of a painstaking process that involves mixing and remixing only four different colors in the lab: white, black, yellow and red—the colors from which all skin tones are made.

Perhaps Christy’s greatest color inspiration, though, came from a source far beyond the realm of any lab or makeup studio: the desert landscape, specifically her trip to a resort on 600 breathtaking acres in Canyon Point, Utah. “The sandstone rock formations have the most incredible color variations that mirror the diversity of women’s skin tones,” say Christy. And how fitting that one of the Earth’s natural wonders spawned a product designed to bring out the natural beauty of a woman’s skin.