The Many Voices of the Safer Salon Bill

We were back in Sacramento this past week lobbying for support of the California Safer Salon Bill (AB2775) which would require manufacturers to list ingredients on the labels of professional cosmetic products.

We weren’t in it alone. In addition to our team (Lindsay Dahl, VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Ivanna Yang, Senior Manager of Advocacy, Kerryn Agyekum, VP of Community Expansion and Internal Communications), the lobby day was also attended by groups sponsoring the lobby day including Black Women for Wellness, California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, Women’s Voices for the Earth, and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

Overall we had nearly 50 attendees, more than half of which were salon professionals including manicurists, hair stylists and salon owners who traveled from all over California to be able to stand up and share their stories. Many spoke about lingering health issues as a result of decades of working in the beauty industry including allergic reactions, respiratory issues, insomnia, infertility and histories of cancer. Below we’ve shared just a few of the reasons they urged California State Senators to support AB 2775 when it reaches the Senate floor.

“I feel very helpless not being able to know and do the research on what I’m using every day. That’s why I want this bill passed.”

– Snow Nguyen, Northern California nail salon worker

“I’ve only been working in a nail salon for a year but I’ve already experienced health conditions like watery eyes and skin irritation. Many of my friends have worse conditions than me and that scares me. This bill would help protect my health, my clients’ health, the environment and future generations.”

– Diep Vo, San Jose nail salon worker

“When my health started declining, I got curious and tried to ask for ingredient lists for the products I was using in my salon. But upon asking I was often shut down or given very confusing information. It was hard to figure out what I was being exposed to. That’s why I want this bill passed.”

– Roya Adjory, Owner of Nori’s Eco Salon in Encino, CA

The good news: The lobby day made an impact as the salon bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee the day after the meetings. The other good news is that the safer salon bill enjoys bipartisan support in the California legislature as well as from companies like Beautycounter and Counteract Coalition Côte, Tenoverten, Skin Owl, Vapour, Goddess Garden and OSEA.

Next up is the Senate floor. In California? Get involved! Ask California Senators to support ingredient transparency in professional salon products by texting SAFERSALONS to 52886. Share with your friends and family in California to do the same!

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