Face it, what’s in your facial cleanser really does matter! You wouldn’t want to remove the ‘bad stuff’ (makeup, dead skin, sweat and dirt), and then rub harmful ingredients from your face wash back into your clean skin. The skin on your face is thin and delicate, effectively absorbing whatever it comes into contact with. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the ingredients you’re putting on your face and to always choose safer, cleaner formulas.

Finding the right cleanser for your skin type, sensitivity level, and problem area, is key. It’s ideal to preserve the natural oils found in your skin and at the same time, pull the bad stuff out. We’ve broken down which cleansers to use and when. And, since Halloween is just around the corner—think heavy makeup, glitter and face paint—there’s even more of a reason to find cleaner alternatives to fight off those irritants and harmful chemicals. Hint: The Soothing Oil is the perfect Halloween makeup remover for both you and your little ones.


1. For everyday, any time of day: Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Morning, afternoon or night, this is your go-to face wash for everyday cleaning. It’s ultra-gentle and works well on all skin types. The formula is super creamy: we’ve formulated it with with safer ingredients like witch hazel to tone skin, and coconut oil and aloe to help hydrate and soothe. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s deeply moisturizing. You’ll definitely feel a difference with this cleanser.

Pro Tip: Apply a tiny amount to a q-tip to spot correct makeup fallout. You don’t even have to rinse it off.  

2. For a really deep clean: Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Bring on clear, bright skin. Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar helps get rid of clogged pores and impurities without parching your skin. Made with antioxidant-rich, organic green tea and hydrating organic coconut oil, this gentle, yet powerful bar can be used on your face and body daily. Once all the impurities are removed, your skin will be ultra-polished.

Pro Tip: For a more intense cleaning, try putting on our Purifying Charcoal Mask after prepping your face with the Cleansing Bar. A mineral-rich mix of kaolin clay and charcoal, the mask gently exfoliates, draws out impurities, and soothes.

How to use: Work soap into a lather with water, gently massage onto face and body, and rinse thoroughly. Then apply the mask, let dry for 10 minutes, and remove with warm water.

3. For stubborn eye makeup removal: Baby Soothing Oil

Say goodbye to last night’s mascara marks and leftover shadow on your pillow! You might not know that baby oil isn’t just used for babies—it also makes an incredible makeup remover! A blend of organic coconut, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils help calm skin while breaking apart stubborn eye makeup and mascara.This particular oil is on the dry side, so it’s fast absorbing and won’t feel greasy.

Pro Tip: You can also use it as body oil, and you don’t even have to wait before putting on your clothes. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking makeup remover.

How to use: Pump a few drops of oil onto a cotton pad or fingertips and gently wipe your eye area until mascara is completely removed. If your skin isn’t prone to breakouts, try using the oil over the rest of your face to take off makeup and follow it with the Nourishing Cream Cleanser to give a thorough clean.

4. For extra hydration: Cleansing Balm

Let your day melt away with the help of our rich Cleansing Balm. Remove makeup and impurities, while drenching skin with moisture.Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and helps to increase skin absorption while raspberry and cranberry seed oils deeply hydrate. This luxurious balm is made with safer, high-performing ingredients that don’t compromise on quality. In fact, plant-based oils offer the most absorbing benefits, without drying out your skin.

Pro Tip: If you have really dry skin and uncooperative eye makeup, use baby oil on your eyes and cleansing balm over the rest of your face. You can also rub the balm on lips to nourish and remove lipstick or Halloween face paint.

How to use: Warm a small amount of the balm between your fingers and carefully rub over your face. Gently wipe a warm, damp cloth over your face to take off the balm.