What is The Truth Serum?

Like many of you out there, I’m a wife and mother. I like a good glass of wine and love reading my friend Marlien’s fashion blog, Le Catch. But I also spend an inordinate amount of time investigating consumer product policy—and what this means for my community and yours.

Gregg Renfrew Balancing Act


My guess, is that once you start learning about what lies beneath product labels, you won’t be able to stop learning either. And that’s where The Truth Serum comes in: there are solutions, and we aim to find the ones that are easy-to-implement, affordable, and chic. Here on The Truth Serum, we do the heavy-lifting for you—we sift through all the ingredient lists, the products, and tell you which ones deserve your dollars.

From helpful graphs to behind-the-scenes interviews, we’ve tapped tastemakers, industry heavyweights, do-it-all entrepreneurs, and even members of our own team—for a constant source of honest, in-depth information into the issues that matter most.

We heard you want more, and are thrilled to dive deep into research, ask the hard questions, and deliver the answers to you in a way that’s entirely forthcoming.

This space will grow over time and we’d like you to be with us every step of the way. Tell us what you love, or topics you’d like us to delve into simply by sending us an email at truthserum@beautycounter.com.

Thank you for joining us. Together, we can get safer products into the hands of everyone.