What does transparency mean to Beautycounter?

Today, Beautycounter Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew is speaking at the Environmental Media Association Impact Summit on a panel titled The Age of Transparency. As a company built on core values of transparency, progress, and education, we are constantly asked, “What does transparency mean to Beautycounter?” It’s a good question—and one that’s built into our DNA.

As many of you know, we founded the company after learning that the personal care products industry is under-regulated, and companies aren’t required to tell consumers what is in the products they sell. Beautycounter was started to offer better, safer products and to bring truth back to beauty.

So, yes. We talk a lot about what transparency means to us—with our clients, Consultants, media, leaders on Capitol Hill, and in blog posts like this. We also believe that transparency is a timely and important issue regardless of industry, so we want to share with you our philosophy on transparency and how at Beautycounter it guides everything we do.

Cleaner, better beauty begins by telling you what’s in our products. We are committed to sharing the ingredients we use to formulate products, including all known components of fragrances that traditionally fall under the words “fragrance” or “parfum” on an ingredient list. In our Ingredients Glossary, we list the sources of our ingredients and share whether they are naturally derived or synthetic. We also share the differences between our testing and ingredient screening processes. We do this so that you can make informed decisions about the products you and your family use.

Advocacy is another important piece of our mission, and we knew from day one that we needed to be forthright and outspoken in our efforts. This approach not only applies to the ways we engage politicians and lawmakers, but also to our broader community of Clients and Consultants. With you, we share our policy positions, legislative priorities, and upcoming actions. We believe that, to be successful, a company’s clients and consumers must be given the opportunity to actively participate in the social change the company is working toward.

As a brand focused on safer products and education, we work wherever we can to explain the reasons behind Beautycounter’s positions and decisions. For example, the average consumer may wonder why we would say we believe a certain synthetic ingredient is safer than an all-natural one, or why we believe no brand can completely guarantee that its products are lead-free. Our goal is to share as much information as we can with you so that you can make educated purchasing decisions. And as with any business, sometimes we have information that we can’t share because it is necessary to build trusting relationships with partners and allies, and to continue bringing safer products to market.

Beautycounter will always aim to educate by sharing information. Though that is sometimes difficult in today’s world, with an ever-growing focus on bite-sized pieces of marketing content aimed at consumers’ shorter attention spans, we believe companies should communicate as effectively—and with as much context—as possible. Transparency has been the guiding principle of our company since we started, and we will remain dedicated to it as we grow and continue to develop safer products for the whole family.