What Sees Consultant Jenn Indra Through Her Workday

Former teacher Jenn Indra left the classroom for Direct Retail because she wanted to be at home for her son Cruz, now 6, when he got home from school. While she catapulted up the ranks selling jewelry, she joined “Beautycounter, because I wanted my work to make a difference in the world for my son and generations to come.”

“My favorite part is connecting with people and helping them figure out what they need for themselves and their families. As women, we sell brands—I think I’ve sold about 10 Vitamix blenders because I’m so entirely obsessed with it and can’t stop talking about it—and it’s the same for Beautycounter. One thing that’s resonated with me, my Clients, and other Consultants is that when you know better, you do better. People just don’t know the facts that Beautycounter has armed us with. And whether they buy something or not, it’s incredibly empowering to help people make better choices.” In a matter of months, Jenn has risen to Senior Director, so we asked her to reveal what helps her manage her busiest days, when she’s juggling both carpool and conference calls.


1. 24 oz. EcoJarz Jar: I fill one each night with water and 1/2 of a squeezed lemon and drink the whole thing every morning before I put my feet on the ground—it’s a great ritual with so many health benefits.

2. Beautycounter Lip Conditioner Peppermint Balm: On the lips every day.

3. Thrive: Arianna Huffington’s latest book, Thrive, has been a life changing read on how we can all live more fulfilling lives by re-shaping our definition of success from the inside out.

4. Voxer App on my phone: This allows me to easily connect with Consultants on my team. It’s extremely helpful with different time zones as they can leave me a quick voice message when it’s convenient for them, and then I can listen and respond when it works for me. It’s nice to hear a voice as opposed to reading an email or text. I also Vox all the time with my husband and friends.

5. Raw Almonds: I snack on these throughout the morning.

6. Tea: A mug is always by my side while I work. Organic India is one of my favorites as I love supporting this company. This article inspired me to do a tea cabinet clean up and now I try my best to only drink organic teas.

7. MacBook Air: I work in different places in the house and often times meet clients for coffee. An extremely light laptop makes it all possible.

8. Jawbone Jambox: This allows us to have family dance parties in the morning, calm music while I work, and “mood music” when we dine at night.

9. Nate Berkus Box: I love beautiful home accessories, especially when they are functional. I just got this Nate Berkus box from Target to use for business receipts. I drop them in all week long and then go through them on Fridays. Keeps me organized and sane!

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