Working Toward a Safer Tomorrow: Beautycounter Is on a Mission to Help Advance Green Chemistry

Our Head of Health and Safety, Mia Davis, recently met with a small team of students at the University of California, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (BCGC). The program is advancing green chemistry through research, education, and engagement, including a unique course that partners graduate students across different departments with real-life practitioners—usually companies that are facing some sort of chemistry challenge.


The students worked with Mia and our friends at Seventh Generation—a company also dedicated to making safer products for people and the planet—on a semester-long project called Greener Solutions: Next Generation Chemical Preservatives. The goal of the project was to look to nature for inspiration and potential design strategies to create new, effective, safer, and sustainable preservatives for cosmetics and household products. The students worked to translate and understand these strategies within the context of chemicals and materials that are currently available to industrial practitioners in their partner organizations.

The group presented a poster and slideshow to Beautycounter, Seventh Generation, several other companies, and members of the Berkeley community. Their research and recommendations are innovative and fascinating and might be the groundwork for even better preservation systems in future Beautycounter products.

Everyone at Beautycounter is proud of the Greener Solutions team’s work. We were honored to be involved: This is exactly the kind of project that will help us to deliver on our mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone by changing the way that chemical makers think about long-term safety and sustainability.